For the first time in its 116 year history the Club is unable to carry out its programme.  Covid-19 has succeeded where two world wars and the Spanish Flu failed.

Since13th May there are no longer any restrictions on the amount of walking that is permitted, and walks may be accessed by car, although the use of public transport is still discouraged.  Consideration should be given to the wishes of local communities before travelling to other areas, and have regard to the probable absence of toilets and other services.  These changes relate to England ONLY.  Very importantly, social distancing rules still apply, that is walks should be alone or only with members of your household, and as before, a minimum distance of 2 metres (a little over 6 1/2 feet) should be kept from people who are not living with you. 

 Members are urged to follow the latest medical advice, both general and specific to themselves, and to adhere to government regulations.

Better times will return.